Friday, April 1, 2011

The Perfect Fat Burning Machine

What if there was a machine that could make you burn fat all day long?
What if such a machine could make you fit into your old jeans again or develop “six-pack” abs in no time?

How much would you be willing to pay for it?
Really! Think about it.
How much?

What if you could get it for free?
What if the only condition to get it for free was to promise that you would make it work properly?
What if the only thing you needed to do to make it work properly was to read and follow its instructions?

Would you do it?
Would you be willing to do it?

What if the instructions were only a few and very simple to follow?
What if those few instructions would require changes in your paradigms?

Would you follow these new paradigms?
Would you be Open to The Change?
Do you think you would at least test The Change for a short period of time?

Well, if you answered YES, you can have access to this Perfect Fat Burning Machine. Actually, it has already been given to you a long time ago.

You were born with it!

YOUR BODY is the Perfect Fat Burning Machine
(in reality, it is also perfect for a million other things)

When you were born, you were given The Perfect Machine.
It can burn fat all day long and make you lose extra pounds and build muscle at the same time.

It was designed for that.

It only carries extra fat because it can be used as energy when food is not available. But most of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by food all the time. Thus, for us (the lucky few), too much body fat is not only unnecessary, it is very unhealthy!

So, if you want to lose the unnecessary extra weight to:
- go faster in races, or
- to fit into your old jeans again, or
- to be leaner for the next summer season, or
- more importantly, to be healthier and reduce your heart risks...

...Follow my next blog posts!

I’ll be mainly focusing on nutrition from now on, as I think this is key in becoming Superfit. Even if you are not exercising, if you eat the right things and at the right time, you can become very lean and healthy.

I’ll try to transfer in writing the simple principles I am following to lean down to become Superfit again. These principles are applicable also to you, and to everybody else.

All our Perfect Machines are almost identical.
We only drive them in a slightly different manner!

So let’s now try to drive them differently.
To make them more efficient, lighter, and faster.

And also better looking! ;)

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