Saturday, April 9, 2011

Understanding The Vicious Cycle

My first flight was delayed one hour. 
I lost the connection with the second flight as a result.
So I just got four “free and unplanned hours” in the airport now. 

What to do?
Write a new blog post, of course!

Many of you have written to tell me that you are really curious about what to do to awaken the Perfect Fat Burning Machine you have in your body. Thus, this time, I will not go into all the theory before giving you the practical advice. I’ll do exactly the opposite. I’ll give you immediately the secret to melting body fat with no effort, so you can start melting it already from today.

Here is the secret.


That’s it.
That’s the secret.
No joke!

If you are able to do it, you will be naturally using a lot of your stored body fat as energy all day long. And as result, you will reduce your clothes sizes pretty dramatically in a short period of time.

(Start saving  some money now, so you can buy the new wardrobe!)

Well, if that is the only thing to do, you might be asking, why not everybody has a “lean machine”? Sounds simple and easy to do, right?

Reality is that it is simple and easy, but we have many habits in our modern diets which takes us very far away from this principle. Actually, with our diet habits, most of us go through constant “roller coasters” in our blood sugar levels during the day.

Are you constantly hungry? Actually starving?
Do you have very low energy levels, or even risk falling asleep over your job desk after lunch?
Are you always looking for something sweet to munch?

All these are examples of constant “peak and valleys” in your blood sugar levels. When you are in a peak, you feel energized and concentrated. But that high peak lasts very shortly. And almost immediately after you are feeling hungry and falling asleep (yes, that’s the valley! ).

What happens is that our brain needs sugar to work properly, but it needs it in a certain amount. Not too much, and not too little. So when there is too much sugar in your blood, your brain does not like it. So it “asks” the pancreas to produce a good amount of insulin to immediately carry and store that sugar in your muscle cells and into your liver, and in that way, the blood sugar levels are immediately reduced to a safe level.

The problem is that the pancreas tends to produce too much insulin, and so the blood sugar levels are reduced drastically. And you feel your energy levels in “reserve mode” almost immediately (the valley!). You almost start falling asleep and you desperately look for something sweet to calm your hunger.

This Vicious Cycle, not only keeps you in a energy roller coaster, it also tends to make you ingest a lot of extra calories because you are constantly starving. And extra calories mean also extra fat!

However, the worst thing when this cycle is happening (when insulin is high in your body) is that your capacity to burn fat as energy is completely shut down.

Let me say that again:


Not only that, if your muscle cells and liver are already “full” with sugar (glycogen is the right name of sugar when it is stored in the body) the excess sugar is converted into fat. Thus, if you eat too much sugars or carbs you not only stop your natural fat burning mechanism, you are most likely also increasing your body fat storages, too.

A complete mess, if you want to lose fat!

But this happens every day to most of the people I know.
And this same people tend to think that losing fat easily is just for “athletes” or genetically gifted human beings.

The truth is that the whole problem is in their diet habits, not in their genes or physical activity levels. They are living in a constant Vicious Cycle of excessive insulin production.

Again, it is a Vicious Cycle that is “hidden” in our modern diet habits!
-          Sweets (or excessive carbs),
-          Peak in blood sugar levels,
-          Excessive production of insulin,
-          Shut down of fat burning mechanisms,
-          Highly probable increase in fat storage,
-          Low blood sugar levels,
-          …sweets again!
-          …and so on!

Keep in mind that when this cycle is always present in peoples’ bodies, it creates also health problems.

The first stage is “insulin resistance”, which means that your body is constantly producing an excessive amount of insulin because the normal quantities do not produce the desired effects anymore.
The second stage is Diabetes (type II).  Your blood sugar regulation system goes havoc, breaks down completely, and you become diabetic.

Most of the apparently “healthy” people are actually “insulin resistant” to a certain degree, and that is why it is sometimes very difficult to lose extra weight (but it is not impossible!!! Especially when the right things are done).

OK. You are right!
That was theory and not practical advice.
I got carried away! Sorry!

But the thing is that I needed to at least explain to you the Vicious Insulin Cycle, so you could better understand the logic of the future practical advice. And in this way you are better equipped to apply it on your own.

I promise that in the next blog post I will list several actions you can do to keep your blood sugar levels stable to avoid the Vicious Insulin Cycle. And therefore, to keep your Perfect Fat Burning Machine working at its maximum power all day long.

(Quick preview of next blog: avoid sweets, desserts, sugar and excessive carbs. Replace them with fruits and vegetables. Eat lots of protein and good fats too!)

Next time I’ll give you a list of tools to help you switch from the Vicious Insulin Cycle to the Virtuous Fat Burning Cycle.

Get ready to do The Switch and to be amazed by the results!

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